3 instant overreactions as Ravens grind out win over Washington


FEDEXFIELD -- Washington fell 31-17 to the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday in a weird game where maybe the losing team feels decent about its performance.

It's not like Washington played well, but for a game that many expected to be a complete beatdown, the home team never got completely blown out. That said, it also seemed like Baltimore was happy to just take a win and not try much to pad stats in the second half. 

Regardless, it's an NFL Sunday and it's time to overreact. 

Boring but not bad - Much talk before this game centered around Washington benching quarterback Dwayne Haskins. It didn't happen, and it didn't need to happen. Haskins wasn't bad against Baltimore like he was last week in Cleveland turning the ball over four times. Haskins also wasn't good. Prior to a deep ball to Terry McLaurin with less than three minutes remaining, there weren't many passes down the field and it seemed like the Ravens defense did not consider him a tremendous threat. For most of the game Haskins averaged fewer than 6.5 yards-per-pass attempt. That's incredibly low and on pace with his season average which ranks 30th in the NFL. To compare, Ravens QB Lamar Jackson averaged more than 9 yards-per-pass attempt. 

'Bam, there it is' - Rookie Antonio Gibson has shown flashes of offensive ability through three games but in his fourth contest things got moving. Asked about Gibson last week, Rivera said he expected a breakthrough soon: "It’s just one of those things as it adds up, you see the potential, see the potential, see the potential and then—bam there it is.” On Sunday Gibson accounted for more than 120 total yards and a touchdown. More than 80 yards came as a receiver, highlighting his dual-threat capacity. 


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Get some rest - It was hard to watch Sunday's action and not feel for Rivera. The head coach is in the middle of a cancer fight and against the Ravens there were times it seemed the Washington coach could use a rest. Leaving the field at halftime Rivera looked particularly worn down though he came back on the field for the second half. Get well soon coach, and get some rest right away.