3 quotes that sound like Alex Smith could be starting soon


Ron Rivera decided to bench Dwayne Haskins this week for Kyle Allen, but listening to the aftermath of that decision, it's starting to sound like veteran quarterback Alex Smith could be a major factor going forward. 

The Washington Football Team obviously made a huge decision to drop Haskins to third string, especially after just four games, but the rise of Smith might be the more interesting subplot. A few months ago it seemed impossible for Smith to even make the active roster, now, he's one play away from taking the field wearing Burgundy and Gold. 

It's important to point out that Allen might play well and run away with the Washington job. Based on his 2019 season in Carolina that seems unlikely, but it's not a certainty. 

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If Allen doesn't excel as Washington's starter, the job could be Smith's. And a few quotes this week might support that theory:

  • Ron Rivera on Kyle Allen's job security: "This will be a game-by-game situation. I think Kyle goes in and he’ll do the things he can and do the best he can and we’ll go from there."
  • Jonathan Allen on the QB situation: "Alex Smith is a pro's pro. Honestly, I have high expectations for the people on this team and organization. Alex is a prime example of guys with high expectations, not only from the team but of themselves. I'd be more surprised if he didn't come back from the injury, just knowing the kind of player he is and the personality he has and the kind of work ethic he has. So, I'm not surprised at all. If he needed to play, he could definitely do it. He could do it at a high level and I have all the faith in him."
  • Ron Rivera on Alex Smith working back from the compound fracture: "I’ve been impressed with it. Again, knowing that he’s been cleared to play and then watching him working, especially the last couple weeks, has been outstanding. I just have no trepidation having him come in and play if that’s what happens.”

Stay tuned, sport movies tend to have climactic finishes, and so far, Smith's comeback from injury has certainly resembled a Hollywood story.