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3 things we learned about Cowboys ahead of game vs. Washington

Football Team

The Dallas Cowboys are 2-4, but the Dallas Cowboys are also at the top of the NFC East. This means that the division is incredibly poor, but also that a Week 7 matchup between Dallas and the Washington Football Team has playoff implications for both sides despite a combined three wins.

While Washington is coming off five straight losses, the latest to the lowly Giants, the Cowboys are not in much better shape. A Monday night loss to the Arizona Cardinals showed that there are plenty of problems for Mike McCarthy and company to deal with.

Based on what transpired in Week 6 for Dallas, here are three things that could carry over into the game against Washington.

The defense still can't stop anything

This was pretty well known heading into Week 6 being that Dallas gave up 34 points to the Giants in Week 5. Still, that point was reinforced against the Cardinals. Kyler Murray got off to a slow start, but after finding his footing, he shredded the Cowboys defense.

Arizona didn't put up huge numbers, but the Cowboys could not keep Murray contained, leading to the quarterback using his legs for first downs and a touchdown. The secondary benefited from Murray's inaccuracy at times and a dedication to the ground game, but also go burned on some deep plays. Late in the game, the Cardinals were able to run the ball with ease.

There was solid pressure at times, but more often than not, the Cardinals found a way to keep the ball moving. Washington's offense has been -- to put it nicely -- less than adequate in 2020. Against Dallas, Kyle Allen, Terry McLaurin and others will have one of their best chances to put up some points.



Andy Dalton is indeed a downgrade

Another point that one would think seemed obvious, but many had high hopes for Dalton. His experience as a starter and the talent around him made it seem like Dallas could continue to impress on offense. But it was also important to remember that there was a reason Dalton signed as a backup for 2020. That showed on Sunday.

It wasn't all his fault -- and the Cardinals defense deserves credit -- but Dalton did not look great. He missed throws, settled for checkdowns and threw two interceptions. The chemistry with the receivers was not there, and Arizona seemed to always know what was coming.

Sure, Dalton could get more comfortable with another week of reps in the offense, but this team is not what it was with Dak Prescott. The drop-off is real.

Dallas played its worst game of the season

At 2-4, the Cowboys have not been good in 2020. Yet, Monday was probably their worst performance from start to finish. Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. Besides the poor defense and non-existent offense, Ezekiel Elliott fumbled twice and the receivers dropped a couple of passes.

This either means that Dallas is about to really implode, or that things will find a level next week. Washington will hope it is the former.