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4 potential trade destinations for Dwayne Haskins following Week 8

Football Team

According to recent reports, a trade for the Washington Football Team involving quarterback Dwayne Haskins is "inevitable."

But time is running out.

If that is the case, Tuesday is Washington's last chance to do that in 2020 with the trade deadline set for 4 p.m. There are a few teams that have already been matched with Haskins based on long-term needs, such as the Pittsburgh Steelers and Indianapolis Colts.

After Week 8 however, certain performances from a few teams could have them thinking more about their quarterback situation. Here's a look at four teams who could consider buying low on Washington's quarterback.

1. Denver Broncos

Drew Lock's performance on Sunday wasn't bad, and it was probably his best of the season. Yet, it was fueled greatly by his three touchdowns in the second half that propelled the team to a comeback victory. His first half was on par with the rest of his 2020 campaign: Not great.

Lock showed a lot of promise at the end of 2019 but has yet to recapture that form. Even after salvaging his Week 8, questions will remain about whether or not he really can be "the guy". Denver isn't working toward the playoffs in 2020, but that makes the future even more important.

At the very least, it would be beneficial for the team to bring in someone for competition, should Lock not reach the next level. That's where Haskins comes into play, as he can act as another young option to challenge Lock or be there should things go wrong. There's no guarantee he takes the next step either, but it's a low-risk option for the quarterback room.


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2. Carolina Panthers

Teddy Bridgewater is looking to be worth the money so this point isn't about him. It's about what happens if Bridgwater, who has an injury history, goes down. It happened in Week 8, and while it's not totally fair to judge for XFL star P.J. Walker off a few snaps, Carolina could probably use another backup option.

Matt Rhule could find a way to develop Haskins into a passer that can find success in the NFL, or at least get him comfortable enough to operate the offense should Bridgewater miss time. The Panthers don't need a starter, but an insurance option that doesn't cost much can't really hurt.

3. San Francisco 49ers

Jimmy Garoppolo will now miss some time as he deals with the ankle injury that has hampered him all season. When healthy, there's enough to believe the 49ers aren't going to go away from him. Yet besides the magical 2019 season, injuries have been a problem.

Many thought Nick Mullens was a fine replacement but moments this year prove otherwise. If San Francisco is going to have to ride a backup in 2020 and potentially need one ready going forward, Haskins could be another piece of the puzzle. Kyle Shanahan's scheme doesn't ask the quarterback to do too much and it could play to the young quarterback's strengths.

4. New England Patriots

New England is 2-5 for the first time in forever, so is it time to scrap the Cam Newton project and find a quarterback for the future? Maybe Dwayne Haskins is the next work-in-progress that Bill Belichick wants to take a look at.

To be short, the answer to this scenario is most likely no, as NBC Sports Washington's JP Finlay lays out well here. Still, never rule the Patriots out of any trade.