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49ers cornerback says MetLife, not FedEx, is the 'worst turf I played on'

Football Team

When it came to conversations regarding the worst turf or field conditions in the league, FedEx Field was typically at the top of everyone’s lists. The field quality would rapidly and consistently wear down to the point where fear of injury was a legitimate concern.

However, after the first three weeks of the season, a new stadium may have taken up the mantle for “Worst field conditions in the NFL.” MetLife Stadium.

Home to the Giants and Jets, it’s one of two stadiums in the league that houses two teams, which means it gets used just about every week during the season. 

There’s the fact that the 49ers had four key players go down with leg injuries in Week 2 against the Jets. It was so bad, the 49ers went to the league about the turf conditions at MetLife and the NFL investigated it. 

Fourth-year 49ers cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon then went on to call it, “The worst turf I played on, 100%,” after playing two consecutive games on it. 

The 49ers will have to go the rest of the year without star pass rusher Nick Bosa while quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo looks to be close to a return. Meanwhile, you know all who plan to enter MetLife Stadium will have their heads on swivels about this turf issue. 

Washington is scheduled to play the Giants on the road in Week 6, so hopefully the New York grounds crew can figure something out over there before more players get hurt.