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5 hypothetical landing spots for Dwayne Haskins after release

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With Dwayne Haskins being released from the Washington Football Team on Monday, the quarterback now sits on the waiver wire, allowing any team to take a chance on him.

As of now, all potential landing spots for Haskins are largely hypothetical. It's largely unknown if any team is considering signing him off waivers following the release. Still, maybe there is a chance someone is willing to take a leap. 

While his recent actions don't make the quarterback all that enticing, his release has the added benefit of creating an opportunity to bring him in without giving anything up in return, potentially a reason why the quarterback stayed in Washington at the trade deadline.

Signing Haskins would most likely be a low-risk move for teams trying to find value or depth in a young quarterback with potential. It would mean bringing him into a situation where the factors around him make it easy for him to develop and right the ship. 

Looking at the landscape of the NFL, there are a few hypothetical options. 

1. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers have been deemed the ideal destination for Haskins since his name popped up in trade rumors. The culture with head coach Mike Tomlin is a good environment for the quarterback, and with Ben Roethlisberger preparing to play again in 2021, it would give Haskins at least one season to sit and learn.

What Haskins needs most right now is a place where he can develop his skills and stay in one role for an extended period of time, even if that is as a backup. Pittsburgh can offer just that.


2. Indianapolis Colts

What the Colts do at quarterback for 2021 and beyond is unknown. Philip Rivers has played well down the stretch and has the potential to come back, but he is signed to just a one-year contract. Backup Jacoby Brissett is a free agent after the season, and the fact that he was not given a chance to be the starter this year is a sign Indianapolis doesn't see him as the future.

The team's record this season eliminates a top arm in the draft, so maybe claiming Haskins on the low is a move worth making? Again, it's all about letting him sit and learn. The Colts won't make him the starter next year, but if they want to try and stick with Rivers or another veteran for 2021 and groom Haskins for the future, it just might work in Frank Reich's offense.

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3. New England Patriots

Whenever a player that has had off-field issues becomes available, Bill Belichick and the Patriots come to mind. The head coach has shown in the past he's not afraid to manage the risk of a player as long as he doesn't have to give much up to get him.

That's what Haskins offers, and it's not like the Patriots have an answer at quarterback moving forward. 

4. Denver Broncos

Broncos fans probably wouldn't be very happy to see Haskins join the revolving door of quarterbacks the franchise has seen over the past few years, but that doesn't mean John Elway won't make it happen.

It's unclear if Drew Lock is going to get another season as the starter, and even if he does, Haskins could easily be brought in as another arm to add to the depth chart no matter who is primarily under center. If there is one thing Elway loves, it's quarterbacks with big arms. If there is any major positive to Haskins' game right now, it's just that.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Sensing a theme here? The best option to optimize success for Haskins is not to bring him in and force him into a starting role on a subpar team. He needs time to get his feet under him.

In Tampa Bay, he would learn from none other than arguably the best quarterback of all-time. That's pretty good. He'd also work with Bruce Arians, a coach with a reputation as a quarterback whisperer who loves to let his quarterbacks show off the arm and stretch the field. That seems pretty good, too.