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5 quotes to read ahead of Washington-Arizona Week 2 matchup

Football Team

Coaches, players and pundits have a lot to say leading up to NFL game weeks. Here at NBC Sports Washington, we thought it was important you didn't miss the most important quotes.

Whether it's tactics or trash talk, these five quotes have you covered leading up to the Washington Football Team's Week 2 matchup with the Arizona Cardinals.

Both coaches getting anxiety

"(Kyler Murray's) got terrific athleticism, gets outside the pocket and extends plays. He’s got great vision and anticipation and he delivers a great football," Washington head coach Ron Rivera said. "He gives me anxiety.”

"It definitely gives you anxiety," Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury said when asked about the pressure the Burgundy and Gold brought in Week 1. 

Ok, to start out with two quotes is certainly cheating, but they're really the same quote said by two different people. Both head coaches share concerns about the same part of the game going into Sunday, and that's containing Kyler Murray out of the pocket for Washington and limiting pass rushers from getting to Murray for Arizona. 

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Kyler Murray's ability to avoid contact

"The best compliment I can give Kyler in his running ability is he knows how to not take hits," Arizona running back Chase Edmonds told Cardinals media. "I think he had 13 carries and I think he got tackled one time Sunday. If he is going to continue toting the ball 13 times and only hit one time, it's no problem at all."


Coming off the league's best pass-rushing performance, the Washington defensive front will have a much tougher task getting its hands on Murray. Not only is he elusive, but Murray is often conservative at the right times. 

The 49ers were flagged twice for late hits on the former Oklahoma play-caller, but Rivera said he disagreed with those penalties. It's going to be a change of pace from the less mobile Carson Wentz and his banged up offensive line in Week 1, where Ryan Kerrigan and company managed to rack up eight sacks and 14 quarterback hits. 

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Rivera could take another IV at halftime 

“My anticipation is to be able to take -- if I have to again, playing out and do the halftime IV, I’ll do it again. As far as it’s concerned, as far as the game’s concerned, it’s pretty much what we’ll map out. I’ll sit down and I’ll talk to my doctor or I’ll talk to [head athletic trainer] Ryan Vermillion and we’ll have a plan going into this weekend.”

Rivera's battle with cancer while being a head coach in the NFL is admirable and beyond comprehension. He'll continue to do what he has to do on the road in Arizona -- Washington's first road trip during the pandemic. 

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Rivera surprised by Cardinals move for DeAndre Hopkins 

“We had no sense he was on the market. What he does for the offense, they’re given another playmaker," said Rivera. "They’ve got a lot of playmakers on that football team. That’s one of the things that’s out there is here’s a guy that’s got the ability to be explosive, the ability to make plays. It’s obvious based on how many times he was targeted and how many times the ball was thrown to him that Kyler’s become very comfortable with him.”

The Hopkins deal from Houston to Arizona looks like a steal for the Cardinals so far. He caught 14 passes for 151 yards against the 49ers, who Kinsburgy said limited the deep-ball threat with two high safeties. That's a scary thought when you consider Washington's defense is predicated on getting pressure on the quarterback. Add Larry Fitzgerald and Christian Kirk into the mix and Jack Del Rio's secondary will have its hands full. 

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Kyler Murray calls Chase Young 'a freak of nature'

"(Chase Young is) a talented player, a young guy with a lot of juice, a lot of energy, specimen, freak of nature, all those things," Murray said. "We're gonna have to obviously block him, do a good job on offense and execute. That's what it comes down to on Sundays, is executing. If we do that, we'll put ourselves in a good position to win the game."


While Young was also asked about Murray, he gave a less glamourous answer in that he only noted his mobility will make things difficult. Though the respect is certainly mutual, Young isn't letting Murray garner any praise before he can get his massive hands on him. 

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