The Giants' loss on Monday night to the Steelers clinched it: The Washington Football Team's first regular season week under Ron Rivera couldn't have unfolded any better.

After the NFL's initial cluster of games in 2020, Rivera's squad is atop the NFC East, which is a place they never touched in 2019. 

They're all alone up there, too.

The Eagles, of course, are 0-1 as well, after what happened to them at FedEx Field on Sunday. A few hours after that result, the Cowboys faltered on primetime against the Rams. That was so sad. Not.

Rivera, like most coaches, really stresses handling business within the division. Well, Washington now has more victories against their three rivals than they did all of last year, and they also have a one-game lead on each member of the trio.

Sure, it's a bit laughable that this story exists — you can bet no one in New England is celebrating their AFC East position, for example — but it's also not laughable, because 1) The Burgundy and Gold already has a more fun vibe about them than they've had in quite some time, so there's no shame in feeding into that, and 2) You never know what'll make a difference in the NFC East come December.

So, enjoy this moment, Washington fans, and if anyone gives you grief, tell them to check the standings and then get back to you. Might as well use that comeback while you can.