Smith adds this jersey to his awesome memorabilia collection


Alex Smith's memorabilia collection continues to grow, this time with another awesome addition.

On Thursday, the recently retired ex-Washington quarterback posted on Instagram that his wife, Elizabeth, partnered with Malcolm's Gallery to create an awesome piece of artwork featuring a jersey that he wore in 2020 following his heroic recovery from the life-threatening leg injury he suffered in 2018.

"I’m not a big memorabilia guy but you have transformed this jersey into an amazing piece of art. Symbolic for me on a lot of levels," Smith wrote. "I’ll display it proudly just like my leg! Ironically, this is not the jersey from the day of my injury (that one was lost on the way to the hospital) but it’s actually from my first start back in 2020. Hence, Malcolm naming it “728 Days”. Malcolm, you are so talented. Go check him out!"

As Smith said, the 728 days marks the time in between when he suffered the gruesome leg injury in November of 2018 to when he made his first start back from it in November of 2020.

This jersey is not the only dope piece of memorabilia his wife has helped create for him, as she helped transform his external fixator -- the brace Smith had to wear on his leg for months following his surgery -- into the shape of the Lombardi Trophy.

So, while Smith might not be lacing up the cleats anymore, his memorabilia collection reminding him of what he's accomplished and overcome continues to get bigger.