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Smith details his mindset replacing an injured Kyle Allen

Football Team

Alex Smith already had a sense of what Kyle Allen was going through as the third-year quarterback laid on the ground with a serious ankle injury during Washington's loss to the Giants in Week 9. 

Smith broke his leg in 2018, had his season end in one play and faced an uphill battle to get back on the field. Back from a two-year absence, Smith is getting his chance to be a starting quarterback again, it just came under terrible circumstances

In this week's edition of Washington Football All Access, Smith explains what was going through his mind when Allen was down on the ground and his number was called to finish out the game. 

"Obviously a ton of emotions going on for me right then in a sense that I knew Kyle was down and it looked pretty serious when he stayed down," Smith said. "I really felt like that was the step for me a few weeks ago and could kinda move on to the next one now. I wasn't thinking about my foot out there, I was thinking about my leg, just playing."

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Smith went on to complete 24 of his 32 passes for 325 yards, one touchdown and three interceptions, two of which probably cost Washington the game.

Still, Ron Rivera announced Smith to be the starter for Week 10 against the Lions. It'll be Smith's first start since that fateful matchup against the Texans two years ago, and by all accounts, the more game reps Smith gets, the better he feels about his ability to contribute to winning. 


"I feel more and more comfortable," Smith said. "I've gotten more work in these last couple of weeks and feeling better and better."