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Alex Smith says it’s ‘scary’ how normal he felt in first start

Football Team

Alex Smith reached another milestone Sunday in his recovery from the gruesome leg injury he suffered in 2018, starting his first game in almost two years. He nearly led Washington to a 21-point comeback win but fell just short as the Detroit Lions escaped with a 30-27 victory.

Speaking to reporters after the game, Smith said he felt no residual pain from his injury.

“I think obviously this was a better step, I got extended time last week coming off the bench and then another step here this week starting and taking all the reps,” Smith said. “Going out there, yeah I felt good. I felt like I saw it well. I didn’t feel like I was hindered at all, felt like I moved around well when I needed to. So certainly from that respect, felt good out there.”

Asked specifically if he felt any pain in his leg before or after the contest, the Washington quarterback shook his head.

“Not at all,” Smith said. “I think, if anything, certainly wear and tear of stacking days and days and days, and that’s really the rest of my body included in that, not just my leg. But nothing out there during the game, I felt great. Still feel great, so a good sign.”

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Smith got the nod to start under center after starter Kyle Allen endured a season-ending ankle injury in Week 9. For Smith, starting his first game since the injury represented a big step forward.


“I think that was the scary part, was how normal it felt,” Smith said. “Felt really good, felt really normal and that I gotta pinch myself how lucky I am to feel that way and I am lucky that it’s progressed this far and I am where I am. Certainly, a lot of people with similar injuries aren’t as lucky.”