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Alex Smith was calm as everyone freaked over his bloody gash

Football Team

Monday afternoon football was always going to mean weird things would transpire between the Washington Football Team and Pittsburgh Steelers. It couldn't happen any other way.

Beyond Washington pulling off the major upset, another strange moment came when the broadcast panned to quarterback Alex Smith's leg in the first half. Viewers could clearly see a large, bloody gash in the leg that was dripping into Smith's sock caused when a teammate spiked him with his cleat. 

That, of course, created worry throughout the Washington Football Team fanbase. Even with it not being the same leg Smith injured in 2018, the sight was enough to cause some panic. At least for everyone except Smith, who remained calm and unphased.

"Yeah, you get stepped on a bunch as a quarterback and especially that front leg," Smith said. "You get kind of used to it, numb to it and really it was the visual when I looked down and obviously my [leg] was bloody and could visually see the blood kind of pumping out. So I knew it was a good one."

It was indeed a "good one" but that is a rather nonchalant way of referring to the gash. Guess when you've battled through 17 surgeries and a life-threatening injury, a cut doesn't seem like much at all.

Luckily for Smith, even if he wasn't bothered by the gash, it came at a time that allowed him to be treated at halftime to stop the bleeding and avoid him having to be taken out at any point. Additionally, no major fixes were needed.


"No stitches at halftime," Smith said. "We were able to kind of clean it and bandaged it up and get back out there."

Based on his journey over the past few seasons, Smith has essentially done and seen it all. Still, football is finding ways to introduce him to something new every time he takes the field.

"So never had one gush like that, new for me, but yeah, thankfully it's not serious at all," Smith said.