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Alex Smith’s end of 1st half vs. Steelers gives Ravens fans revenge

Football Team

The Steelers were on the wrong side of an end of half clock decision Monday against the Washington Football Team, which may have made some people smile in Baltimore. 

On ESPN’s Get Up on Tuesday morning, they discussed Alex Smith’s decision to take the football off the field to give Washington more time at the end of the first half. In a role reversal, it was the offense that gamed the system to keep more time on the clock instead of the usual course of action where the defense takes its time getting off a pile.

“It’s a lot shady, and Alex Smith knows that,” the program said.

A week ago, the Ravens and Steelers had a similar end of half snafu, where the Steelers took their time getting off the Ravens at the goal line. The referees not stopping the clock or flagging Pittsburgh left the Ravens with just a few seconds to run a final play to the end zone, which resulted in an incomplete pass. 

Mike Greenberg commented on the parallel between last week’s game and the Washington game as well, knowing the Steelers were the ones on the short end this week. 

“So maybe, in sort of a ball doesn’t lie kind of a way, this was a little bit of retribution,” he said.