One stat shows Washington's offense, not defense, had major impact Week 1


Scott Turner likes him some motion.

Watch just a few plays of the Washington Football Team and it's obvious the offensive coordinator likes to create confusion before the ball gets snapped by moving receivers and running backs, and even when the ball is snapped Turner tries to build advantages for his quicker players. 

That became evident throughout training camp as Turner's offense began to emerge, and grew obvious when the team released veteran running back Adrian Peterson before Week 1 to focus on younger, shiftier backs. 

After Washington's Week 1 win over Philadelphia, the offensive statistics weren't particularly impressive, but the team did roll up 27 points in a victory. And maybe all that motion is a part of the success. 

How much motion? Let Seth Walder, ESPN Sports Analytics Writer, explain.

The data reveals Washington used motion at the snap nearly 27 percent of plays, good for third in the NFL. Before the snap, Washington used motion almost 63 percent of the time, which also ranked near the top of the league. Coincidence or not, the 12 teams that used the most offensive motion won their season openers. 

It's great for Washington to be ranked among the Rams, Patriots and Ravens - some of the most innovative teams in the NFL - but keep this in mind that it's just been one week. 

Remember this too - Turner loves motion. It happened throughout training camp and don't expect all that movement to go anywhere. 

It just needs to keep producing results, or more accurately better results. In Week 1, Washington finished with just 239 offensive yards.