All these trade rumors with Washington? 'Somebody wants it out there'


In the last 10 days multiple players on the Washington Football Team have been connected as possible trade targets, and for head coach Ron Rivera, the rumors don't spin out of thin air.

"Rumors are created by somebody. Somebody is setting these rumors up," Rivera said Monday. "To me, it it’s out there, somebody wants it out there."

Rivera's comments come via the Washington Football Talk podcast and with about 24 hours until the NFL Trade Deadline. For Washington, two names have been most frequently connected to trades, and that's Ryan Kerrigan and Dwayne Haskins. 

On Sunday morning ESPN reported that Kerrigan had requested a trade, but after the initial story, another report showed the veteran pass rusher actually did not ask for a trade. 

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With Haskins, a second-year quarterback that went from starter to third-string, a different ESPN report last week suggested a fresh start might be desirable. 

Kerrigan and Haskins are two of the most recognizable names on Washington's roster, and the rumors have created quite a bit of attention.

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For Rivera, he's not much concerned with the speculation and has not addressed the issue with either player. 

"Until it comes to fruition I'm not worried about it," the coach said. 


In general terms, there are three parties that drum up interest in trades: the team, the player or the player's agent. Some players publicly ask for trades, but that definitely hasn't happened in this situation. Some teams make it clear a player is available, but that hasn't happened here either. 

Leaves one guess who Rivera is talking about when he said "somebody wants it out there."

Haskins has been inactive for three straight games, and Kerrigan's snaps are bottoming out playing behind Montez Sweat and Chase Young. 

Follow the logical path where the rumors start.