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Analyst doesn't believe Haskins' name never surfaced in trade talks

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Since the moment Dwayne Haskins was demoted from Washington's starting quarterback to third-string, his future with the franchise has been in doubt. So much so that at the NFL trade deadline, it wouldn't have been surprising to see Haskins end the day on a different team. 

However, Washington ended up retaining the former first-round pick due in part to the fact that they didn't receive any calls from other teams hoping to trade for him. 

CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora doesn't buy that, though. During his weekly appearance on The Sports Junkies, he questioned the justification as to why Haskins is still on Washington's roster. 

"So nobody ever called about him -- not true -- but that's fine," La Canfora said. "You didn't want to give him away for a [seventh-round pick] or whatever, then just cut him. There's no way you're going to tell me, that in the course of [Ryan] Kerrigan, Ryan Anderson and whomever else, that [Haskins] didn't come up."

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La Canfora wasn't reporting that a specific number of teams called or didn't call. The main issue he had was that if Washington decided to move on from Haskins by moving him to third string, then why not try your hardest to get a draft pick for him? 

If at that point nobody is interested in trading for Haskins, it'd be a more acceptable answer for him. 


"You do the work," he said. "Call every team in the league, 'We're moving on from this player, he'll be out of the building on this date whether it's for any pick or he's released, he's a good kid, it's just not working here.' Do the work, and then come back and say, 'We contacted every team in the league and nobody wants him.'"

However Washington handled the situation at the deadline, Haskins remains on the roster, and it'll stay that way until at least 2022 unless he's traded or released before then.