Football Team

Gibson might have found himself the world's best-looking puppy

Football Team

Antonio Gibson is a dog on the field. Conveniently enough, he also has a very, very cute dog for his off-the-field life, too.

On Wednesday night, this picture of Gibson and his apparently new puppy, Zack, made its way to Instagram:

Oh, what's that? You want a closer, better picture of Zack's face? Hope you're sitting down for this one:

@TimmyStak Instagram

A video of the Washington Football Team running back walking his pooch also emerged on social media. Zack will know how to read cutback lanes in no time, probably.

So, Gibson's name is becoming more and more popular across the NFL by the week and now he has that four-legged friend in his life, too. Life is good right now for the third-round rookie.