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Gibson showed Washington, and America, how good he can be

Football Team

Ezekiel Elliot has become known for his "Feed me" celebration, but on Thanksgiving in Dallas, Antonio Gibson was the running back devouring yards at AT&T Stadium. 

Washington's third-round pick has hinted all season at his immense potential and skill, and on Thursday he completely broke out. Gibson finished the 41-16 win with 20 carries for 115 yards and three touchdowns while adding five catches for 21 yards through the air. On national TV no less.

America, meet Gibson. Gibson, meet America.

While No. 24's first performance against Dallas actually featured gaudier stats, this performance felt more notable. He visited the end zone in the first quarter and then twice in the fourth, capping off his afternoon with this burst up the middle:

Do we have a new Cowboy Killer on our hands?

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As the schedule has progressed, Gibson has seen more and more work out of the backfield and gotten more and more acclimated to running in the NFL. After what he did to vault Washington to the top of the NFC East, Scott Turner will only lean on him more.

Overall, Gibson now has 11 rushing scores, putting him just two behind Alfred Morris for the franchise rookie record. He's now one of the top-scoring players in the league as well. And, because he exploded in what's typically one of the more-watched contests every year, he's going to be the talk of the sport for a few days on top of everything else.