Football Team

Are people sleeping on how important WFT's game against Cleveland is?

Football Team

A September matchup between the Tom Brady and Peyton Manning of dysfunctional NFL organizations isn’t going to draw a lot of national interest.

However, as least locally, people aren’t talking enough about how important Washington’s Week 3 meeting with Cleveland is.

Now, the team’s loss against the Cardinals, which undid much of the progress of their season-opening victory, has sapped some of the interest that was surrounding the Burgundy and Gold.

Plus, most don’t view this as a playoff-bound franchise, which makes it hard to describe any contest as an overly crucial one.

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That said, whether you’re a fan who’s holding on to hope that Ron Rivera’s squad can somehow make it into January or you’re simply someone who doesn’t want to watch them tailspin into another dreadful record, take one look at their upcoming schedule and you’ll realize that beating the Browns would be clutch.

After their trip to Cleveland, Washington returns home to face the Ravens. Then, the Rams come to town. Those two are both 2-0 and each look like a serious contender.

So, if the Burgundy and Gold can figure out a way to dispose of Cleveland, they can bump their record up to 2-1 and, at worst, be 2-3 after the tough mini-stretch that follows the Browns. On the flip side, losing Sunday could set them up to be 1-4. That sounds miserable, doesn’t it?


It’d be a step too far to deem this a must-win game for Washington. If you want to call it a it’d-sure-be-awesome-and-helpful-if-they-do-win game, though, you wouldn’t get a lot of argument.