Best quotes on Fitzpatrick from WFT teammates and coaches


It's safe to say Ryan Fitzpatrick's Washington teammates are excited to have him on the roster entering the 2021 season. 

Ever since he signed a one-year contract with Washington in free agency, players and coaches have done practically nothing but sing his praises. There's an abundance of quotes about Fitzpatrick and it isn't even training camp yet. 

Here's a look at just about everything Fitzpatrick's teammates have said about him since he arrived in Washington. 

Daron Payne (3/24/21)"I know we played him in Tampa once," the defensive lineman said. "He was just ballin'. Ever since then, I've loved watching him play, so I'm excited to see him with the team... Now he can help me instead of hurt me."

Adam Humphries (3/29/21): “It’s exciting. Fitzy just makes coming to work everyday fun. You can tell he’s got a lot of passion when he plays. He’s got a love for the game that not many people have. He just makes playing football fun. He brings a good attitude toward every situation.

"I think there’s just a calming sense to his demeanor in the huddle, on the sideline, pregame. A lot of guys just build up so many emotions pregame or on the bus ride to the stadium, and it gets a little tense at times. Just being around Fitzpatrick and just the way he carries himself, it’s calming and relaxing. It allows you to play freely. I’ve enjoyed that part of Ryan.”


Ron Rivera (4/1/21): "[Fitzpatrick's] a savvy veteran who has had a lot of success and who has worked with a lot of other quarterbacks, a lot of young quarterbacks, who’s been in a lot of different systems. Also, just the fact that when you look at his numbers analytically, he’s actually improved in his play in the last couple years, too. There are a lot of positive things about having this type of guy around. I’m pretty excited, I really am."

Scott Turner (5/5/21): “We’re really excited about Ryan. That was a guy in free agency that we wanted to get and we were able to get him. You look at the last two years, he’s really played the best football of his career... Obviously he’s 38 years old, couple months younger than me, but he is playing well, he’s playing at a high level and there’s no reason to believe that he’s not going to continue that."

Dyami Brown (5/28/21): “Oh man, that’s a guy right there. That’s a guy. I like him a lot. You know, he’s out there, he’s composed. He likes to throw deep. I’ve just seen him throw deep a few times, he has a great arm."

Terry McLaurin (6/4/21): "Fitz is great. The first thing that struck me about him is just that he has a [really] cool, calm demeanor about him. When he's in the huddle, it's just really collected... He puts an emphasis on really being in communication with the receivers. That's not just me. I've seen him communicate with just about every receiver on the roster right now, just about what they're thinking with this route, what they're thinking about with this leverage. I think that is very important to do at this part in the season because you want to try to start making that connection early."

"He's also a student of the game. He's super smart. It helps me out because I get to try and see the game through his eyes."

Ken Zampese (6/8/21): “I think he has such an extreme desire to excel and to be in the top group of quarterbacks and compete at that level. I think he’s ultra-competitive and I think that’s what we’re seeing when we watch his career get better as it goes on. From banging and bouncing around and making the most of his opportunities, and always learning.


"He’s such a unique look and a unique character and his delivery is dry as can be and he just drops these one-liners and bombs on guys and they don’t even know what happened. He’s got a great deal of swag for such a, I don’t know what you say about the exterior, I love him. He’s authentic through all of it which is the important part. He’s got a lot to give, he’s got a lot of experiences.”