Biggest 2020 storylines: Washington drops its name - over money


The controversies came and went, for decades, but eventually it was the real threat of losing millions that forced Washington owner Dan Snyder to drop the Redskins moniker for his football franchise. 

The move came this summer amid simmering social rights protests across the country. Opposition to the name Redskins had been ongoing for years but came to a head in July when corporate sponsors FedEx, Nike and others began to pressure the organization with millions of dollars on the line. 

The team rebranded as Washington Football Team, and while some fans appreciate the simplicity, others still want a name. 

It was only seven years ago that Snyder famously and defiantly said he would "never" change the team name. 

"We'll never change the name. It's that simple. NEVER — you can use caps," Snyder told USA Today in 2013.

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That changed quickly when FedEx, the title sponsor for the team's stadium, threatened to pull their sponsorship if the name went unchanged. Other corporations followed suit. 

That leaves Washington as the only NFL team without a nickname, and the occasional awkward graphic or announcer that refers to them as "Football Team" instead of just the much, more simple Washington. 

Most people believe the team will stay simply as Washington Football Team or perhaps shift to Washington Football Club for the 2021 season. And it's only reasonable to think the team will keep that moniker for the foreseeable future. 


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