Brady Quinn still believes in Dwayne Haskins, thinks 49ers a good option


Brady Quinn remains one of Dwayne Haskins' most ardent supporters, and he still believes Washington's second-year passer can get it done in the NFL. 

"There's a ton of people I think are gonna want to bring him in, kick the tires on him just to know that they have in him because he can sling it," Quinn said Thursday.

Quinn's comments came via The Junkies on 106.7 the Fan, and the Fox analyst and former first-round pick thinks if Haskins can get in a better team committed to his development, things could turn around. 

"Put him on a better football team and I think he can excel and have a decent career if he can get his feet underneath him again."

Haskins began the 2020 season as Washington's starter, but after four games, head coach Ron Rivera benched him in favor of Kyle Allen. Not only was Haskins benched, he got moved all the way to third-string and barring injury isn't expected to play again this year.

There was plenty of speculation that Haskins could get moved prior to the NFL Trade Deadline on Tuesday, but no moves were made. Rivera said that Haskins' future in Washington is not over, though the coach thinks Haskins has "a lot to learn."

For Quinn, a new start would help the 2019 15th-overall pick. 

"The kid's talented, I hope he ends up somewhere else," Quinn said. 

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Quinn even suggested a few other teams that could make sense for Haskins. 

"He'd be a guy I'd love to see go to San Francisco. He's athletic enough to be in Kyle Shanahan's system, all the talk about Jimmy Garoppolo, his contract, we don't know if he's gonna be back next season," Quinn said. 

Starting next season Garoppolo's contract holds no guaranteed money, and the 49ers could release him and save more than $24 million on the salary cap. 

It's an interesting idea too because Washington and San Francisco made a trade earlier this year prior to the draft, shipping Trent Williams west in return for draft picks. Niners GM John Lynch talked at length about his respect for Rivera after the trade too. 

Another idea that seems less likely but still interesting involves the Packers. 

"[Haskins] is a guy that should be on a lot of people's radar. Shoot, send him up to Green Bay as kind of a hedge on whether Jordan Love works out," Quinn said. "I would take Haskins over Jordan Love based on what I saw from Jordan Love's college film."

Obviously Aaron Rodgers is the QB in Green Bay, but in a surprising move, the Packers drafted Jordan Love this year in the first round. Rodgers will turn 37 next month though he is playing at an elite level this season, averaging nearly 280 yards-per-game with 20 touchdowns against just two interceptions. 

Big picture message from Quinn?

There will be interest in Haskins this offseason. It's up to Washington to find the right deal.