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Baldinger says Davis is a 'great fit' for WFT's 'beast' defense

Football Team

Washington rookie linebacker Jamin Davis has yet to play a snap in the NFL, but that hasn't stopped the 2021 first-round pick from garnering a good amount of hype.

Based on his body of work last season at Kentucky, his raw athleticism, potential and fit within Washington, it seems like Davis and his new team are trending toward a successful partnership. Former NFL offensive lineman and current analyst Brian Baldinger would agree with that notion.

When studying Davis' tape, Baldinger sees a lot of similarities to a linebacker Ron Rivera knows quite well.

“He reminds me a lot of Thomas Davis," Baldinger said on NFL Network.

Jamin Davis has taken notice of these compliments, too.

Washington fans only saw Thomas Davis at the very end of his career in 2020, where he did not impact the defense much. Prior to that, though, Davis was one of the most consistent and dominant linebackers in the game under Rivera in Carolina. From 2015-2017 he earned three Pro Bowl nods and was an All-Pro in 2015.

What Baldinger sees in Jamin Davis that draws comparisons to Thomas Davis is a linebacker that can do it all. When it came to making a play on defense, he's always involved.

“Wherever the play ended, Jamin Davis was right there," Baldinger said.

Additionally, Davis was doing this at every level of the defense. He could get to the quarterback and stop the run, but there was also a knack for covering receivers and making his impact felt in coverage. To Baldinger that makes Davis exactly what Washington is looking for in the middle of the defense -- someone that can be a part of every play.


“Just a feel for the passing game. You want to be a three-down, every-down linebacker," Baldinger said. "I think he can bring that to Washington.”

When taking the potential of Davis and adding it to a unit in Washington that already has a strong defensive front and pieces in the secondary, Baldinger envisions something opposing offenses are not going to enjoy seeing.

"They’re building a beast on defense in Washington right now, and I think Jamin Davis is just a great fit with all of his skills that he has," Baldinger said.