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Kevin Durant as an NFL wide receiver? 'All go routes'

Football Team

Although Washington head coach Ron Rivera already got his star wide receiver Terry McLaurin some help by way of reuniting with former Panther Curtis Samuel in free agency, imagine an outside-the-box option like a certain two-time NBA champion from the DMV. 

"I mean, I could play football," Kevin Durant said to his manager Rich Kleiman, who noted Durant can easily throw the pigskin 60 yards, on the "Boardroom: Outside the Office" podcast. "I can be a wideout at least...Well, I could go, all go routes." 

It's important to note Durant stopped well short of saying he would make the headline-grabbing switch from an NBA superstar to give it a shot in the NFL. Still, that won't stop us from having some fun and picturing what a nightmare of a matchup Durant's lengthy frame would be against NFL cornerbacks. 

After all, just take a look at the current body frames of route runners playing at an elite level. Just look at McLaurin and Samuel, who size up at 6-foot, 209 pounds and 5-foot-11, 194, respectively. 

"There's wideouts that's 6-feet, 170," Durant said.

The conversation came about following an entertaining "stream of consciousness," as Kleiman labeled it, discussing everything from Durant's incredible series against the Bucks, overcoming his injuries, and even his recently increasing love for following baseball (and particularly Jacob deGrom). 

The two longtime friends eventually made their way to Kleiman asking Durant if he thought he could ever play a sport other than basketball at the professional level. Durant's answer was quite definitive. 


"Any sport I put my mind to if I started at an early age like when I started basketball," Durant said.

The four-time NBA scoring champion hasn't been shy when it comes to his fandom for the Football Team, so imaging him in the Burgundy and Gold catching Ryan Fitzpatrick's deep balls is an enjoyable offseason exercise that should get every Washington fan pumped for the season to come. 

"I can remember in '97 when the team moved over to PG County in Landover, just so exciting to finally see a team close to home and growing up behind the stadium and having family that lived behind the stadium," Durant told fans at the team's 'Welcome Home Luncheon' last year.

Though Durant flanking McLaurin and Samuel is about as likely to happen as Tom Brady and the Bucs petitioning the NFL to give Washington the Super Bowl LV hardware due to the sheer grit and greatness from Taylor Heinicke, it's still fun to discuss nonetheless.