With Cam struggling, should New England trade for Haskins?


Will the Patriots trade for Dwayne Haskins? The short answer is no.

Longer answer below. 

It's very weird to get to early November and see the Patriots sitting with a 2-5 record and a -31 point differential. 

That just hasn't happened for Bill Belichick's teams, and it begs a previously unthinkable question: Is it time for a rebuild in New England?

The odds are that it is time, and the biggest key to the Pats' two-decade run of prominence was the partnership between Belichick and Tom Brady. Well, Brady is gone, and his replacement Cam Newton has been a big part of New England's struggles this year. 

Watching Newton play, it's obvious he's not the long-term answer in New England, which means Belichick needs a quarterback. 

So could Haskins make sense?

Yes in that he could be acquired without a great cost, and New England loves value shopping. 

On Monday NBC's Peter King said Haskins wouldn't return more than a Day 3 draft pick in a trade. New England likely holds eight Day 3 picks, including three 6th-round picks and like three 4th-round picks. Some of the picks are assumed compensatory selections, which won't be finalized until March, but they're basically in the bank. 

With all of that ammunition the Patriots could certainly put something together that would look attractive to Washington in exchange for Haskins. 

The problem is don't expect New England to do it. 


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Washington head coach Ron Rivera is very close with Belichick. In fact, Rivera said Belichick was the first coach to reach out when his cancer diagnosis went public. 

Rivera decided to move Haskins from starter to third string, and if Belichick called to ask about the second-year passer, Rivera would probably give a very blunt assessment of his decision. 

New England loves a good reclamation project, and Haskins could use a staff willing to lock in on his development. It just doesn't seem like a marriage that would work. It doesn't even seem like a blind date that would work.