Ochocinco has bold McLaurin prediction after Fitzpatrick signing


In his first two seasons in the NFL, Terry McLaurin has established himself as one of the better wide receivers in the NFL despite the fact that he's caught at least one pass from seven (!!) different quarterbacks.

McLaurin's incredible production despite Washington's constant turmoil under center has led many to think the following: Just how good can McLaurin be with consistent quarterback play?

Well, the wideout should have the chance to prove that in 2021 following the Football Team's reported agreement with veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick on a one-year contract. 

Fitzpatrick has played for nearly one-third of the NFL's teams and never made the playoffs, but he is one of the most respected quarterbacks in the NFL and has put up insane numbers at times. That latter part could be great news for McLaurin.

In fact, following the news that Fitzpatrick was headed to Washington, former NFL star wideout Chad Johnson made the following claim on Twitter:

"Terry McLaurin 1500 yard season incoming & I’m guaranteeing that," Johnson wrote.

While Johnson's proclamation might seem far-fetched on the surface, McLaurin is certainly capable of topping 1,500 yards in a full season. Just look at his 2020 numbers, when the 25-year-old had 1,118 yards in 14 games while playing alongside four different quarterbacks. 

It's also worth noting that Johnson played alongside Fitzpatrick for one season, too, as they both were members of the 2008 Bengals. So, the wideout knows first-hand what Washington's newest quarterback is capable of, despite playing with him over a decade ago.


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Johnson's guarantee didn't come out of nowhere, either, as the former Bengals standout has been a fan of McLaurin for quite some time. In November, Johnson tipped a waiter at a restaurant $963, one dollar for each receiving yard McLaurin had totaled thus far in 2020.

McLaurin was asked about that gesture one week later, and the former Ohio State star showed plenty of respect to the six-time Pro Bowler.

"To give that little tip of the cap to me is something I take pride in because when you are getting respect from guys who played your position, played this game at a high level, that can't be overstated," McLaurin said.