Football Team

Charles Barkley calls Browns "a lock" to handle Washington

Football Team

One of the best qualities of TNT's Inside The NBA show is that its hosts aren't afraid to go inside any and every non-NBA topic as well.

On Saturday night, the always-entertaining crew closed out one of their programs by pivoting to the NFL, which led Charles Barkley to make this proclamation:

"I can't wait to call my bookie," Barkley says. He then turns to Shaquille O'Neal and adds: "Cleveland Browns, a lock tomorrow."

If Ron Rivera was looking for some material for his pregame speech at FirstEnergy Stadium, there it is. Expect him to play that video in the Washington Football Team's locker room before they take the field in Cleveland on Sunday*, and expect the Burgundy and Gold to come out on fire because of it.*

*Do not actually expect either of these things to occur.