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Chase Young brought it against Bengals week after big mistake

Football Team

One week after being one of the main reasons Washington lost, Chase Young turned around and acted as a key figure in a Washington victory.

Last Sunday in Detroit, Young's late, late roughing the passer penalty gave the Lions bonus yardage that they immediately capitalized on with a game-winning field goal. It was a massive error, and one he had to hear about and talk about and think about plenty afterward.

Normally, when a star athlete messes up like that — a true, legit star — they come back and shine in their next opportunity.

That is precisely what Young did versus the Bengals in Week 11.

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The second overall pick came up with his single-most impactful play in the NFL when he decked Joe Burrow in the first half and forced a fumble that his defense recovered. What possibly could've been a touchdown became a change of possession thanks to this fierce collision:

Those are the kinds of sequences Washington expected out of their first selection in the Ron Rivera era.

No. 99 also rejected a Burrow pass at one point and blew up a run just before the forced fumble above. And he wasn't just a beast between the whistles.

Before kickoff, it was Young who delivered a speech to get his guys focused for Cincy. He, uh, looked very into it:

Then, in the fourth quarter, a Bengal shoved Alex Smith out of bounds on what could've been flagged as a late hit. As Smith got up, Young took a few steps off of Washington's sideline and jawed at the player who pushed Smith, and he almost certainly wasn't wishing him good luck the rest of the way.


While Young didn't register a sack, he forced a turnover, altered a few other snaps and set a serious tone with his energy at FedEx Field. Instead of allowing the Week 10 error to bleed into Week 11, he responded. That's top-of-the-line stuff from a top-of-the-draft pick.