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Chase Young calls his late penalty a 'close call'

Football Team

Chase Young has been for the most part as good as advertised for the Washington Football Team. But on Sunday, the rookie made a costly mistake for his club in one of the game's crucial moments.

Young was flagged for a roughing the passer penalty on Lions' QB Matthew Stafford with 12 seconds left. The penalty moved Detroit to midfield. Two plays later, Matt Prater hit a game-winning 59-yard field goal as time expired.

The pass rusher owned up to the penalty following the game when speaking to reporters, calling it a "rookie mistake" multiple times when answering a flurry of questions about the play.

"I was going hard. it was a split decision, to go or stop, and I just went. Rookie mistake," Young said. "It happens. Rookie mistake. Have to go back to the drawing boards and make corrections. We blew an opportunity."

As for the penalty call itself? 

"I think it was a close call, for real. I was going hard," Young said.

Washington head coach Ron Rivera also thought it was a close call, saying he thought the referees were a tad "inconsistent" with their flag-throwing throughout the afternoon.

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"He hit him too hard, I guess," Rivera said. "They hit our guy and knocked him to the ground and we didn't get a penalty. So, just a little inconsistent." 


While the call could have gone either way, Young said the play was a result of him playing hard and that he "can't be too down on myself."

"I was going hard. Sometimes it happens," he said.

Young told reporters he needed a few moments to collect his thoughts after the game, but said he plans to put this in the rearview mirror and move forward from it.

"I had to get myself together, definitely, before coming on. It is what it is," Young said. "That's what I always say. It is what it is. Can't change it, got to keep going."