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Chase Young gifts entire team Beats headphones for holidays

Football Team

Chase Young has been the gift that keeps on giving for the Washington Football Team this season, literally.

Not only has his play on the field during his rookie season been a main reason for Washington's success, but it appears the defensive end is also an incredible gift giver.

On Thursday, fellow defensive lineman Daron Payne posted a photo on his Instagram story of Beats headphones, thanking Young for gifting them to him.


It's become a commodity in the NFL for players to share some presents with the fellow players in their position group, or a quarterback buying something to show appreciation to his offensive line. Young, however, went above and beyond that. The headphones weren't just for the defensive front, they were for every player in the locker room.

“I got the whole team headphones, Beats headphones," Young said Thursday.

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That's truly a spectacular gesture by the rookie and yet another example of his leadership. Throughout his first season in the league, Young has shown that he already possesses the leadership of a veteran, becoming one of the main voices on the sideline and the locker room for Washington.

So, if you see players warming up with some new headphones on the field this weekend, know that it wasn't Santa Claus who dropped them off.