Young gives unexpected take when asked his go-to Halloween candy


Judging by a discussion that Chase Young held with beat reporters on Thursday, Young's dentist has had a very boring career.

At the end of the defender's weekly post-practice session with the media, he was asked the most October question of all time: What's your favorite Halloween candy?

Now, Young was more than happy to discuss the hacky topic — but his answer was downright shocking.

"I don't even eat candy," Young said. "I don't remember the last time I had candy. I'll eat a bag of chips, but I just don't like candy."

His lack of interest in sweets might have quite a bit to do with his lack of experiencing celebrating the holiday altogether. According to Young, his mom just "really didn't believe in it."

"I never dressed up," Young explained. "I never had a Halloween costume. Growing up, I never went trick-or-treating. So really, it's just a regular day to me."

For the fans who are about to have a meltdown (get it?) regarding Young holding court about candy as opposed to talking about Washington's slumping defense and his role on it, don't worry. He did face plenty of inquiries about that before transitioning to sugar-filled items.

One piece of his presser focused on how often Young's crew allows the opposing offense to find a rhythm and, in most cases, points on its first possession. It's something the unit is aware of and trying to address in the lead-up to kickoff.

"What we're doing to get better at that is, at practice, we're starting fast," Young said. "Every period, we're starting fast."


As for his usage on third downs — at times, he's on the sidelines as opposed to on the line, which stands out considering his reputation as a pass rusher — Young didn't come across as upset about missing those sequences here and there. Quite the opposite, actually.

"If you play 85 plays, you just can't — there's no possible way you can play as fresh as you can be," Young said. "I feel like they're doing me a favor and limiting me a little bit more... When I do go in on third down, I'm fresh and I'm firing."

At 2-5, Washington could really use a victory in Denver this weekend before they head into a bye. Otherwise, Young and his teammates will have an awfully sour taste in their mouths — and it won't be from anything they eat.