Chase Young has no regrets about how busy his offseason was


After earning the NFL's Defensive Rookie of the Year Award for the 2020 campaign, Chase Young's already large profile grew, which in turn meant he had a hectic offseason. Among other activities, Young was featured in shoots with eBay, Under Armour, Beats and Celebrity Family Feud, to name a few.

Unfortunately, Young's second season as a professional hasn't included the same on-field success as his first. Because of that, it's easy for some to connect his busy spring and summer with his, up to this point, disappointing fall.

But on Thursday, Young showed no regret over all of his non-football pursuits when they were mentioned in a session with reporters.

“I was making money baby," Young said. "Gotta make the money. None of y'all would've ducked the money. At the end of the day, it's a job. Just like y'all do your job, I do my job.”

The 22-year-old was absent for Washington's voluntary OTAs in May due to a scheduling conflict before returning for mandatory minicamp in June.

Handling outside noise was a theme of this particular conversation with Young. The defensive end acknowledged that he's dealt with pressure and attention since high school, and his top tactic is to try and ignore it.

"I don't really hear people," Young said. "At the end of the day, everybody who talks to you, they're just haters.

"My dad, he told me, 'If people talk about you, it's only because you're doing better than them,'" he went on to add.


Young also had the opportunity on Thursday to react to Ron Rivera's recent assessment of the edge rusher's performance thus far.

Rivera explained on Monday that Young is ducking inside too often when he's attacking quarterbacks and that's costing him easy sacks. Rivera also said that he and Young had met to discuss what has to be done moving forward, with the coach reminding No. 99 to be disciplined and let plays come to him.

Young, however, didn't have much to offer on that subject.

"We have conversations about a lot," he said of Rivera. "But it went well."

When Young turned his attention to the rest of Washington's slate of opponents, he detailed how he wants the defense to really focus on "playing together and clicking on all cylinders." Young has struggled individually, his unit overall has underwhelmed and the franchise altogether is not on the promising track it seemed to be on after its playoff run in 2020

That led him to make this statement when asked about how he'll define success the rest of the way.

"To be honest, I don't want to be 2-6. So I think a successful second half is not being 2-6. Win. We've gotta win."

Well, math is on Young's side, because Washington can't actually go 2-6 since it has nine games left. Whether fortune and production will be in his favor, though, isn't as guaranteed.