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Chase Young respects Adrian Peterson, but he doesn't fear Peterson

Football Team

Back in late August during training camp, the Washington Football Team's starting offense made its way down to the goal line against the starting defense.

To try and finish that summer drive with six points, Scott Turner called for a handoff to Adrian Peterson. Chase Young, however, had no interest in allowing Peterson to reach his destination.

That's when this happened:

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As far as camp collisions go, both in terms of physicality and in terms of the two players involved, that meeting was about as juicy as it gets. And it's one that could have a sequel this Sunday.

Peterson is a Lion now, and Washington will head to Detroit to in Week 10, so they'll be seeing the legendary back again. Young, for one, is already anticipating a potential reunion. 

"AP gonna run it," Young told reporters on Thursday. "He gonna run hard. But, hey, I'm coming hard, too."

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On Wednesday, Ron Rivera joked that he's "never excited" to face a future Hall of Famer such as Peterson. It doesn't help that Rivera is largely why Peterson isn't in Burgundy and Gold anymore, meaning Peterson will be feeling a little extra motivation come kickoff.

As for Young, well, it doesn't sound as if he's about to shy away from the 35-year-old.


"I got the utmost respect for AP," Young said. "But we [are] in the league. We ain't going to back down."

If the football gods are reading this, please — please — let these two square each other up in the hole at some point at Ford Field. It's something that everyone would like to see (and hear). 2020's been rough enough, so just let us have this.