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Chase Young gifts his parents brand new cars

Football Team

The holiday season ended nearly three months ago, but Washington Football Team star Chase Young is still in the giving mood.

On Monday afternoon, the pass rusher posted an Instagram video of him surprising his mom, Carla, with a brand new car. 

"My first dream was making it to the NFL. This was my second... #AllGod," Young wrote.

Young's mom wasn't the only one to get a new ride, either. In the second video the pass rusher posted on Monday, Young also gifted his father a brand new GMC.

Young and his mother have a tight bond, one the pass rusher was not afraid to share with the media during his rookie season in 2020.

The two FaceTime after every game, with Carla even making an appearance during a postgame Zoom call following Washington's win over San Francisco.

The bond between the two runs deep, but that doesn't mean the Washington Football star is free from criticism. In fact, Young's mom might be his harshest critic.

Midway through the season, Young told reporters that Carla would have graded the first half of his rookie campaign a C+ because he wasn't leading the league in sacks. 

"To make money, you've got to get sacks," Young said in October. "Everybody knows sacks are sacks. She's definitely more excited about the sacks...She's always, 'Sack. A sack! I need a sack. ... She doesn't know how hard it is to get a sack. But, you know, it's my mom, so it helps."


Carla Young might be hard on her son, but the pass rusher credits his mom as a major reason why he's made it this far as a football player.

"I can't go out into a game and get put on my butt, because my mom, she'll say something about that," Young said. "So, it definitely gives me more motivation. When I'm tired, I'm like, 'Man, all right, I can't look like no sucker in front of my mom, though.' It's just like a real motivation when she's up there to make me go harder."