As Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow fell to the ground with a serious injury, his former collegiate teammate Chase Young was there on the field for the play.

Young, who spent two seasons with Burrow during their time at Ohio State, immediately knew something was wrong based on the quarterback's reaction, and that made his heart drop.

“All I heard was a yell, and he held his knee. You never want to see that," Young said. "I was hurt, man, I was hurt. Cause I know Joe.”

“I was hurt, cause I know how bad he wants it. He a dude, I know Joe want it," Young said.

As Burrow was attended to on the field and the cart was brought out, Young remained on the field. He, along with fellow former Buckeyes Terry McLaurin and Dwayne Haskins, was part of the Washington Football Team faction that made sure to show their support for the quarterback before he exited the field.

Young could be seen sharing words with Burrow, and following the game, he explained the simple message he left his friend with.

"I said ‘I love you and get well,’" Young said. "I pat him on the head and say a little prayer to God. Nothing else I could do.”

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Young, like many others, was devastated to see such a talented competitor and former teammate go down with an injury. Yet, like many others, the defensive end knows that Burrow is only going to come back stronger.


From seeing his work ethic in college as he battled through the adversity of trying to win the starting job at Ohio State, and then transferring and shining at LSU, Young is confident that he'll make a triumphant return to the NFL. He'll also be cheering for him every step of the way.

“I know Joe, somebody like him, he’s going to start recovery tomorrow," Young said. "That’s just the type of guy he is. I’m going to be praying for Joe, Joe my guy, he already knows.”