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Chase Young tweets he's 'honored' to play with Alex Smith

Football Team

As Alex Smith stepped onto the field for the Washington Football Team, it marked the completion of his incredible comeback following a severe leg injury in 2018.

Smith's story -- and his influence in the league for 16 years -- had touched numerous players around the NFL. When the moment struck, many took to social media to congratulate the quarterback on his achievement.

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Following the game, one of his newest teammates, Chase Young, did the same. The rookie defensive end expressed just how honored he was to share the field with Smith on Sunday.

Though Young and Smith have only been together for a few months, it's no surprise that the 2020 No. 2 overall draft pick feels this way. A common theme among Washington players relates to how special Smith is. His attitude and resilience have left a lasting impact on many.


An important factor for rookies in the league is to have solid role models to look up to. Though Young and Smith run in different circles position-wise, it's clear that the quarterback has made an impression on the young defensive end.