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Chris Blewitt isn't the only athlete with an unfortunate name

Football Team

It doesn't take a comedic genius to realize why Chris Blewitt's name is ill-fitting for an NFL kicker. After all, that job's primary goal is essentially to not blow it when called upon. 

"Make all your jokes, it's all good, it's all in good fun," Blewitt said Thursday when asked about it, doing so with the energy of a guy who's witnessed people make the connection for years and years and years. "No big deal."

Blewitt isn't the only athlete with an unfortunate name, however. There are many others just like him, according to very in-depth research.

So, here's a list of others who can relate to what Blewitt's gone through during his life. And remember, these aren't the funniest athlete names ever — if that were the case, Stubby Clapp and Guy Whimper would be mentioned — but rather, they're the ones that are the worst matches for the gigs the players own.

Frank Brickowski 

Brickowski was in the NBA from the mid-80s to the late-90s and actually was a competent scorer, even though he had the word "Brick" stitched on the back of his jersey while on the hardwood.

For his career, he scored 10 points a game and shot over 50% from the field. 

Homer Bailey

Welcome to the pitcher stretch of this story. Apparently, that part of the sports landscape is especially full of Blewitt-like names.

Bailey, a Major Leaguer since 2007, has allowed 175 round-trippers since his debut. If only his parents dubbed him Strikethree Bailey.


Grant Balfour

Don't pay attention solely to the Balfour part of this equation, which is undeniably damn good on its own. His first name also matters, because when this longtime reliever issues a walk, he actually grants ball four. 

How incredible is that? (For those who don't find that incredible, this blog was never for you in the first place.)

Taijuan Walker

Just like Homer and Grant before him, Taijuan — who just wrapped up his ninth pro season with the Mets — would much rather be known by something else other than Walker, considering he's a pitcher.

Adam Schenk

For golfers, "shank" is the most awful term in the world; it's even worse than "frost delay," "lost ball" and "there's no beer cart today."

Somehow, though, Schenk has risen above the adversity he's faced since being born to become a regular on the PGA Tour. 

Jay Scrubb

Scrubb is a 2020 second-round choice who's a little-used piece within the Clippers organization.

If he was named Jay Starter, perhaps he'd be getting more run.

Agustin Loser

If you closely followed the Olympics, you might've seen Loser on Argentina's men's volleyball squad. The explanation on this one is even more obvious than Blewitt.