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Cooley: Haskins 'acted like he was above' coronavirus protocols

Football Team

When former Washington tight end Chris Cooley saw the photos that surfaced of Dwayne Haskins partying mask-less, it was clear to him that the quarterback was not thinking of others by following proper protocols. 

“Across the board, everybody’s dealing with this. So you have to deal with this. The thing that becomes a problem is when people act like they’re above it especially in areas where you can’t do that," Cooley said on The Kevin Sheehan Show Podcast. “Dwayne acted like he was above the COVID protocols.”

For Cooley, what Haskins did may have not raised as many eyes in normal times, but these types of actions during a pandemic are unacceptable.

It wasn't just that Haskins put himself at risk, at a time where he was given the opportunity to start again in Washington, but that he impacted everyone else he shares the locker room with. His teammates and coaches have worked hard to prevent an outbreak from happening.

With just one move, everything the team has worked for, which includes a chance at the NFC East title, could have been derailed. Cooley felt Haskins did not put the team first, and that's not what he wanted to see out of the quarterback. 

“I think it was a really ignorant, complacent choice on his part. I think it was selfish and I understand that they’re bored. What do we got left, a month? God, just make it another month. Ridiculous," Cooley said. “The more I think about it, the more I just think you owe this much to your coaches, to the other players, to the other players in the NFL, to continue the season they’re having. I don’t know, that’s frustrating.” 


Haskins has since been stripped of his captaincy and fined $40,000 for his actions.