Cooley: There's a 'disconnect' between Rivera and Haskins


Dwayne Haskins passed for more than 300 yards for the first time in his NFL career on Sunday, and yet, Washington Football Team head coach Ron Rivera did not seem thrilled with the performance. 

To former Washington Football tight end Chris Cooley it sounds like the coach and the quarterback aren't exactly on the same page.

"I think there is a disconnect between Ron and Dwayne in terms of how Dwayne is playing," Cooley said on the Kevin Sheehan podcast.

The suggestion makes sense as Rivera has publicly questioned Haskins' level of success. Maybe it's trying to motivate the young QB, or maybe it's real concern about the level of play as Washington continues to be in the middle of the NFC East race.  

"He made some plays and he missed some plays," the coach said after the 31-17 loss to the Ravens.

For Haskins, he didn't sound enthusiastic about his performance on Sunday, but he wasn't down either. 

"I’m definitely not satisfied but it’s something to build upon and work on," Haskins said. "I want to play football, fundamental football, have fun, most importantly out there."

After the game, Rivera was asked about Haskins as the Week 5 starter against the Rams. 

"It's Dwayne's game going into this week and we’ll see how things unfold," the coach said

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The former team broadcaster called Rivera's naming Haskins the starter "lukewarm" for Week 5 and said that while the quarterback made no mistakes, he left plenty of plays on the field. 

"I felt like he made five or six good throws on the day and way too many misses," Cooley said. 

It's worth pointing out that Haskins completed 71 percent of his passes on a day that Rivera said was game-planned for a lot of short throws and slants to defuse the Ravens blitz packages. 

Haskins was in no way bad, but for Cooley, the statistics don't reflect a strong performance either. The problem for Cooley is that backup quarterback Kyle Allen doesn't seem like the right guy to replace Haskins. 

"Kyle Allen better play damn good if you bench Dwayne Haskins, the 15th overall pick," Cooley said. "I just don't know that Kyle Allen is the guy."