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Chris Simms doesn't think Washington can trade Haskins

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The NFL trade deadline for the Washington Football Team came and went this year without any moves made. This reality was a tad bit surprising when taking into account how many rumors were buzzing around involving players like quarterback Dwayne Haskins and defensive lineman Ryan Kerrigan. 

NBC Sports NFL analyst Chris Simms joined the Washington Football Talk podcast to discuss the trade buzz around Haskins and why he thinks Washington couldn't trade the second-year signal-caller even if they tried.

"I don't think you'll be able to trade him no matter what, to get anything, even if things stay status quo. If we see him come out there and it's still rough around the edges like we saw last year it's not going to get good trade value. If he just sits here and does nothing he isn't going to get good trade value either," Simms said. "Everyone is still going to go 'I don't know about the person, the professionalism, the attention to detail, let alone nothing on film blew me away. By that, there isn't going to be a market for him anyway."

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Simms said since Haskins is staying in Washington - at least for the time being - there's plenty of motivation for getting him at least some snaps.

"At some point you have to play him to see if you can get a market for him if you are thinking about trading him," Simms said. "If you are keeping him you have to start giving him reps to see if he's capable of growth. That's the biggest thing they need to figure out."