Football Team

Whose voice should introduce WFT's name? Here are 5 candidates

Football Team

Cleveland's MLB franchise announced that, after the 2021 season concludes, it'll be known as the Guardians. To help break that news, the club released a video detailing the change, with Tom Hanks voicing it all.

Should the Washington Football Team follow a similar path when it enters a new chapter in early 2022, who would represent a fitting voice to usher in that era?

Here are five prime candidates.

Joe Gibbs

If you love the Burgundy and Gold, you love Joe Gibbs. That's non-negotiable.

The Hall of Famer and three-time Super Bowl champion has an approval rating of 10 million amongst the organization's fans, and he'd serve as the perfect link between Washington's past and its future.

Whatever fans eventually think of the new moniker, hearing Gibbs announce the transition would ease many's angst.

Chase Young

Is it a bit much to ask a second-year pro to be the one who first utters Washington's next name after the previous one existed for nearly nine decades? Sure.

But does Chase Young come across as one of the few 22-year-olds who could handle it? Of course. 

Young figures to be a pillar for the team for at least the next 10 seasons, if not more. He's the odds-on favorite to become the first iconic member of the Washington _______. Plus, he grew up as a fan of the squad.


Lastly, he found a way to make "Heinicke" a catchphrase, so he'd surely deliver on whatever script he's handed. 

Matthew McConaughey 

One of Washington's most famous devotees has cared about the team since childhood, is close friends with owner Dan Snyder and has already proven to excel in various voiceovers. 

Whatever boxes one may have for this niche role, McConaughey checks them with the boldest of Sharpies. 


Like McConaughey, Wale is another top-tier celebrity with an appreciation for Washington. And though the rapper may not have the smooth drawl of the actor, he could lend some lyricism to the name-change video.

No, Wale doesn't own the best takes on cheese, as he illustrated on Friday with this tweet (no Wale, American is not better than cheddar), but he has built up plenty of credit in the local community and in the fan base at large. 

Darrell Green

Enlisting any former Super Bowl-winning player would be a prudent move, but Green might make the most sense.

Yes, his numbers in Washington are common knowledge, but still, they're worth repeating: 20 seasons, 295 games, 54 interceptions, two titles and one bust in Canton. Like Gibbs, he's top of mind when the franchise is brought up.

Clearly, his résumé doesn't need any new entries, but if he wanted to be a part of this major announcement, his presence would undoubtedly be appreciated.