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This collage of Red Wolves logos shows the popularity of the suggested name

Football Team

Since it was announced in July that the Washington Football Team would retire its former name, speculation and suggestions for a new moniker have become a major topic of discussion surrounding the organization. Fans have chimed in with numerous ideas and rebrands.

Out of all of them, it's been the "Washington Red Wolves" concept that has dominated the conversation. The idea was first incepted by former Washington defensive back Fred Smoot and it has since exploded on social media.

Each day brings new and innovative logo and uniform creations, so many that it is getting hard to keep track of it all. To really understand the popularity and support behind the suggested name, one should take a look at a recent post by Instagram user "james_plank_88."

The user put together a collage of 15 Red Wolves logos to show the wide range of ideas that have been designed. The compilation demonstrates just how big the movement is.


One of the most interesting parts about seeing all the different logos all together is that no two are truly alike. While some concepts play off one another or past Washington brands, each design has a unique touch that separates it. Some are retro, others look ahead to a new era, but all feature the beloved Burgundy and Gold. 

And while it may sound wild, this collage is probably only the tip of the iceberg. A scroll through Twitter or Instagram would most likely bring up numerous other concepts for the Red Wolves name.


There's no guarantee that the support behind the moniker will lead to it becoming the next name of the team, but if the franchise did want to consider it, they will have plenty of ideas to work off of.

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