Could Young see Brady in playoffs? One projection likes odds


Yes, Washington has to actually get there first, but if Ron Rivera's club is able to advance to the postseason, they could very well be in line for a matchup with Tom Brady.

Back in August, it would've been crazy to imagine Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. and the rest of the Bucs coming to FedEx Field for a playoff date with the Burgundy and Gold. Straight-up, are-you-OK? insanity, really.

Now, however, it's way closer to realistic than crazy.

Check out the following tweet and graphic that ESPN analytics writer Seth Walder posted on Monday:


And here's the thing about this potential clash: It may actually be the best-case scenario for Washington and their defensive line.

Despite having the likes of Chase Young, Montez Sweat and all of the other studs you're more than familiar with at this point, the front four have had problems handling mobile quarterbacks in 2020.

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Sure, you can say that about most, if not all, defenses — having to worry about a player who can throw and run is harder than limiting a pure thrower, after all — but Kyler Murray, Lamar Jackson and Russell Wilson all thrived versus a D-line that more standstill signal callers crumbled against. 

Brady, who's 43 and as agile as a laundry machine, wouldn't be able to escape from Washington's rushers the way that Murray, Jackson and Wilson did. 


This isn't to say that a game with the most respected and accomplished QB of all time — plus his many weapons and a defense of their own that can dominate — would by any means be a treat, but for Rivera's team, it appears like the most favorable of the possible pairings. 

So, yep, you just read a story explaining why Washington should be hoping to draw Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. in the postseason. And 2020, thankfully, is almost over, because all this weirdness is getting to be too much.