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Dallas radio host: Jerry Jones 'nauseatingly positive' about 2020 Cowboys

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Much like the rest of the NFC East, the Cowboys have been awful to start the 2020 season.

Dallas is 2-4, they're giving up over 36 points per game on defense, they lead the league in turnovers on offense, their starting quarterback is out for the year and their players appear to be turning on the coaching staff already. 

All those things together could probably earn your team the term "dumpster fire," and it's a big reason why many believe the 1-5 Washington Football Team has a good chance to beat them in Week 7. But is there concern in Dallas?

The Sports Junkies had 105.3 The Fan's Shan and RJ on Friday morning to preview Sunday's game, and according to them, owner Jerry Jones hasn't expressed much concern yet. 

"He's nauseatingly naive and positive about it," Shan Sheriff said. "I know you've gotta come on and sell it still, but him and his son come on here -- I'm probably gonna get in a lot of trouble for this -- they come on here four times during the course of the week, and we just want a little bit of reality, a little bit of anger, but they just keep coming on and keep [saying] 'We gotta execute better. We got the players here, we don't need any outside help. It's us we're shooting ourselves.'"

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Execution has been a problem in the NFC East all year. The Cowboys may lead the league in turnovers with 15, but the Eagles (13), Giants (13) and Washington (10) are right on their heels. Every team is dealing with injuries, talent has been a problem across the board, and every team has had to answer for their shortcomings in some capacity. 

For whatever reason though, Jones apparently thinks the Cowboys' fortunes are bound to turn. 

"The turnovers have been fluky, they just have happened every dag-on week," Sharif said. "That's the way they look at it. 'We're costing ourselves, we're getting a new system, we're getting acclimated to it, it's not 25 years of the same thing and the Jones boys have to have somebody else run it.' They sound delusional in our interviews. I know part of it is selling it, but it's maddening."

Maybe Andy Dalton needed to get one bad game out of his system before he started to use the weapons afforded to him by the Dallas offense. Maybe Ezekiel Elliott is done fumbling the ball. Perhaps their defense isn't as bad as the first six weeks of the season suggest and the coaching staff has a good handle on the locker room. 

It's possible for the Cowboys to turn it around, but it's difficult to look at all those problems and just blame it on execution. Washington will have a chance to give Dallas fans an even bigger headache on Sunday, and in this division, anything can happen.