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Snyder once said name would 'never' change', now claims he considered it

Football Team

Washington's decision to retire its former moniker earlier this year was a monumental decision. Not just because the name had been with the team for decades, but also due to the fact that team owner Daniel Snyder had been outspoken in the past that he would not change the team name.

Public pressure about a switch came before 2020, but Snyder had even went as far as to say he would "never" change the name. That was emphatic and left no doubt about how he felt in 2013. 

However, in an email sent to the Wall Street Journal, Snyder's remarks on his past thoughts about the team name contradict those prior statements.

Snyder wrote to the WSJ that he had considered changing the name of the team "multiple times" over the years.  

That admittance from Snyder is far different from his opinion on the matter in the past, but the owner did say that the old name had a “long history and was a source of pride” for fans over the years.

No matter what happened prior to 2020, Snyder admitted that the pressure for the name change reached a boiling point and a move had to be made. 

“However, over the past few years the name had increasingly become a distraction from our primary focus of football,” Snyder wrote to The Wall Street Journal. “So, in the spirit of inclusivity, we made the decision to move forward. We want our future name and brand to stand for something that unifies people of all backgrounds and to continue to be a source of pride for the next 100 years or more.”


What comes next for the moniker of the franchise is still rather unknown. For 2020, they'll have the temporary name of the "Washington Football Team." Many expect a permanent name to be chosen, but the idea that the current one could exist long term shouldn't be ignored.

Snyder himself noted that it's something that will be considered as the franchise works toward the future.

"Sure, it's possible," Snyder said. "If the Washington Football Team name catches on and our fans embrace it then we would be happy to have it as our permanent name. I think we have developed a very classy retro look and feel."