Green says WFT nickname can be 'Meatballs' as long as they win


When -- and if -- the Washington Football Team decides on a new name for the franchise in the future, it's clear that not everyone is going to be a fan. With any change, there will be some who love it and some who hate it.

That's been clear as the organization continues the process and potential monikers are surveyed. Finding a universally appreciated team name is nearly impossible.

Washington football legend Darrell Green understands why the name is such a hot topic that many care about, but he also feels there is something more important: the product on the field. If Washington is winning games, it will make any logo look better and any word sound better.

“People are getting concerned about the name and I think this, I think if they go 14-2 like we did my rookie year, you can call me Meatballs," Green said on 106.7 The Fan's Grant & Danny

“Right now, this is what’s hot today. But trust me, if they land the name and somebody don’t like it and we’re 14-2, they’ll get on board," Green said.

That's an argument that has been made consistently by more than just Green, as winning truly does heal all. While he likes suggested names such as the Washington RedTails, he's more concerned about whether or not the Washington Insert Whatever Name You Want's are finding success between the lines. 

Even with the Washington Football Team moniker, some have wondered if continued success under this era of the name could lead to the organization deciding to change it from temporary to permanent. That, however, is something that Green will chime in on.


“Personally, Washington Football Team, you can have that one," Green said.

The Hall-of-Famer is fine with it as a placeholder but would prefer to see the team move in a different direction eventually. Even with that, he won't complain about it being around for the 2021 campaign as he understands how intense the process is. It's something team president Jason Wright has been transparent about as fans wonder when a decision could come.

Whenever it does, Green will be fine with whatever the new name is -- for the most part. He's more focused on seeing what the team does after that.

“Give us a name, give us something decent and let’s roll," Green said. "Let’s roll baby.”