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Carr believes Allen currently gives Washington 'best chance to win'

Football Team

Almost everyone tracking Dwayne Haskins' progress these days is concerned. Former No. 1 overall pick David Carr is a part of that group.

The now-analyst published a story on Tuesday where he looked at six muddled quarterback situations around the league and gave his opinion on each depth chart.

Carr's take on what's happening in Washington was eye-catching.

"Haskins presents a lot of upside as a former first-round pick, but at some point, Washington must decide whether to wait it out or attempt to salvage the season by playing Kyle Allen," Carr wrote. "To me, Allen gives this team the best chance to win at this point in time."

That's an opinion that some, including DeAngelo Hall, have held since the organization acquired the ex-Panther in a trade this past offseason. And if Haskins continues on the turnover-and-inaccuracy-plagued path that he's on, it's one that'll gain more traction.

"I've seen Haskins miss a lot of throws," Carr wrote. "Though he started seven games as a first-year pro in 2019, he still looks like a rookie working through a preseason."

While Ron Rivera and the Washington Football Team as a whole would like to give Haskins a lot more time to figure his way out in the NFL, that'll be increasingly difficult to do if he has more outings like his "disaster" in Cleveland. 


On Monday, Rivera appeared frustrated that Haskins' shortcomings cancelled out what he felt like were worthy performances by the rest of the roster. He said that a lot of players "deserved better" than the two-touchdown defeat they suffered.

Carr is wary of what more losses like Week 3's could do to the locker room.

"My worry is, if Haskins doesn't visibly improve over the next few weeks, the staff will lose the rest of the team," he wrote.

Though Rivera isn't turning to Allen yet, everyone knows that he and Scott Turner are fond of the backup. They've won in the league with him leading an offense in the past and people like Carr think they'd be better off trying him in the lineup again.

Should they make that decision, though, that could mean the end for Haskins in Burgundy and Gold. So Carr understands why they are remaining committed to him for now.

"That said, if Haskins is benched," Carr concluded, "I'm afraid he won't regain the confidence he'll need to get back out there, this season or beyond."