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D-Hall gets how Tom Brady will feel in return to New England

Football Team

There's a highly-anticipated meeting between a famous player and his former club this weekend, and no, it's not the matchup between the Washington Football Team and ex-corner Fabian Moreau. 

This Sunday night, Tom Brady and the Buccaneers will take on the Patriots at Gillette Stadium. It'll be Brady's first time facing his previous franchise, squaring off with his longtime coach Bill Belichick and taking the field there as a visitor. 

So, ahead of that must-watch battle, posted a story that featured a handful of league alumni reflecting on their initial showdowns with teams they had a serious history with, a piece that included DeAngelo Hall.

Though Hall ended up playing the majority of his career with Washington, he began it as a member of the Falcons, and he shared what it was like to head back to Atlanta in Burgundy and Gold. 

One distinct difference between Brady's homecoming and the one that Hall had is that the former should largely be greeted with open arms, while there was no such warmth or excitement for the latter.

"I highlighted it and everything," Hall said of Washington's trip to clash with the Falcons, which came in November of the 2009 campaign. "My situation was a little different than some others because I left Atlanta on bad terms. I resented them and [I'm] pretty sure they resented me."

Now, Hall didn't have any problems with his past teammates, guys whom he shared a uniform with just a couple of years earlier. However, when LaRon Landry laid a late hit on Matt Ryan along the home sideline, Hall went in to try and get Landry out of the crowd of red jerseys and that led to a tense tussle. 


"Before I knew it," Hall recalled, "there were two Falcons players trying to grab me. Then three. Then some coaches."

That was, unfortunately for Hall, his most action of the afternoon; he finished with just two tackles as Washington lost by 14. Aside from the near brawl, he enjoyed covering his friend Roddy White, running into non-football employees associated with Atlanta, and meeting up with his family afterward.

But one person Hall ultimately avoided was Falcons owner Arthur Blank. As Hall explained to, that wasn't because he had an issue with Blank; he actually did so because he was afraid he and Blank would hit it off too well.

"I was a 20-year-old kid when I went there, and he'd have me and my wife over for dinner sometimes," Hall said of Blank. "The beef I had was with [then-general manager Thomas] Dimitroff and, in turn, with the organization. So I didn't want to talk to Arthur, because I knew he would want to talk and he'd put a smile on my face. I didn't want that, because it was business for me."

Only an NFL player would hate the idea of smiling when hanging out with a friend of his.