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D-Hall wants to see more from Scott Turner in 2021

Football Team

The Washington Football Team won the NFC East in 2020, but much of it had to do with the club's elite defense. So, knowing that Washington needed to improve on offense to repeat as division champs in 2021, head coach Ron Rivera and his staff made an emphasis to add impact players this offseason.

After overhauling the offensive talent this offseason, former Washington cornerback DeAngelo Hall wants to see Scott Turner make a leap as an offensive coordinator in his second season in the role.

"I want to make sure that Scott Turner opens this offense up, because that was my problem last year," Hall said Monday on 106.7 The Fan's BMitch and Finlay.

In 2020, Turner wasn't necessarily dealt the best hand. Washington started four different quarterbacks last fall, a recipe that is hard to succeed with for even the best and most established offensive coordinators.

So, in free agency, the club upgraded at the sport's most important position when they signed veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. Then, Washington added three wideouts this offseason in speedy Curtis Samuel, slot specialist Adam Humphries and third-round pick Dyami Brown, who turned in back to back 1,000-yard seasons at North Carolina.

With this new group of talent, Turner has plenty of dynamic players on offense. Hall believes that there should be no excuses for not having a solid unit.

"If you say Alex Smith couldn't make the throws, OK, cool, I understand that. Now with Ryan Fitzpatrick, he makes the throws. You call the calls," Hall said. "Back the defenses up by taking shots with Terry McLaurin, Adam Humphries, Curtis Samuel. It's guys you should be able to exploit some matchups. If you want to run the football, you should be able to do that."


Last year, Washington's offense featured a lot of quick passes, intentionally designed to get the football out quickly of whichever quarterback was under center. It's one of the reasons why McLaurin, one of the league's better deep threats, impacted the game the most accumulating yards after the catch.

If Turner wants to continue run that quick, underneath style of offense again, Hall believes he now has better pieces to do it.

"I've seen Curtis Samuel with the ball in his hands. He's explosive. Our offense sometimes tries to get guys the ball in space, but they aren't the kind of guys that make explosive plays," Hall said. "We have some guys that can make some explosive plays. So if you do want to rely on the quick screen game, underneath throws and things that you kind of saw really really majoring in last year, I think you have a chance to be successful doing that."

With the offseason acquisitions Washington has made, Hall can see them having success running a similar offense once again this season. But, the former Pro Bowl cornerback doesn't believe that will be the best method of attack.

Ideally, Hall wants to see Washington take on "the New England Patriots approach," as he called it. By that, he'd like to see the WFT keep opposing defenses on their toes and having multiple different ways the offense can attack to beat them.

"I don't want to come into a week thinking, 'Oh this is what they did last week, this is what they're going to do this week.' You got to always be transforming and switching it up and doing what's going to give you the most success winning a football game," Hall said. 

"Sometimes that's dropping back and throwing the football, sometimes it's pounding a team. I just want to see more of imposing your will on an opponent, because that's the way I played ball. I like seeing that in those guys on the field."

Offensively, Hall can't help but get excited about the possibilities that will come this fall. Combine that with the team's exceptional defense that's returning and Hall thinks it's Washington's "division to win" in 2021.

But, in order for Washington's potential to become reality, they must show up and play to their capabilities.

"When I look at this team, I start smiling because I do feel like, 'Man, they got a chance,'" Hall said. "But it doesn't matter what we see on paper, those guys got to go out there, put that helmet on and live up to it."