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Derek Carr to Washington? Jay Gruden says WFT should inquire

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As the Washington Football Team's search to find a franchise quarterback continues, one name they have been recently linked to is Las Vegas Raiders signal-caller Derek Carr.

Carr turned in one of the best years of his career this past season, but the Raiders are expected to take calls about a potential trade for him, according to the Las Vegas Journal.

If Carr becomes available, former Washington head coach Jay Gruden thinks the Burgundy and Gold should absolutely make a move for him.

"I would jump on the fact to try and get Derek Carr," Gruden said, via the Standig Room Only podcast.

"I think he's one of the top quarterbacks. I thought he played extremely well this year, really."

The perspective from Jay Gruden is especially interesting, considering he's the brother of Raiders head coach Jon Gruden.

Jay, the younger of the two, said he has no inside information whether his brother plans to move on from Carr this offseason but doesn't understand why he would want to in the first place.

"I'd be shocked, really. The way Derek played this year, I don't know why he would want to get rid of him," Jay Gruden said. "But who knows? If there is another guy out there that they really like, it is a business at the end of the day."

If Washington were to acquire Carr, the former Football Team head coach thinks they'd be getting a complete quarterback. Gruden went on to name all the different ways he thinks Carr excels, which was quite a long list.


"I think Derek Carr had his best year, from an outsider," Gruden said. "Just watching Derek Carr play this year, he was efficient. Pre-snap, he was outstanding. They did a lot of things at the line of scrimmage where they would get man-zone tips, read the safeties and get into a good run or get into a good pass.

"He would maximize the information and get the Raiders into good plays on third down. Red zone, I think they were very efficient," he continued. "I think he had a great year."

Despite Carr's solid campaign, the Raiders missed the playoffs for the third consecutive year under Jon Gruden. With the head coach locked in for several more years, Jay Gruden says his brother must determine if Carr is the guy he wants to be his quarterback long-term.

"If Jon is willing to change and get a younger player in there, that's fine," Jay Gruden said. "But for what he wants to do offensively, I think Derek is the perfect match for him."